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Viper vs Sesil Female Wrestling (C026)
(1280x720; Mp4; 703 Mb; 19.28 min.)
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    Viper and Sesil will hold three matches. Each will last five minutes and each will have its own rules. In the first fight, girls compete almost in accordance with Sumo's rules of wrestling. To win, girls need to push your rival out of the circle. In the second match, girls need to strangle the rival with the help of ropes. The third match is a fight, in which girls have to put the rival on the shoulder blades to five counts.
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Epics of Wrestling Castle III
(1280x720; Mp4; 3 files (544Mb, 13.33 min.; 605Mb, 15.05 min.; 635Mb, 15.50 min.))
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    Before you, the third release of the Epics of the Fighting Castle. It is no less interesting than the previous issues. We tried to fill it various battles.
    This edition starts with a battle between Elga and Lina. Perhaps some of you have already seen it. In it, the girls wrestle aggressively, using hairpulling, slaps and spanks. And tear on each other's clothes!
    In the second battle, the participant of a lot of fights Lilu and the girl under the name of Rocky agreed. A newcomer to the castle, but with a lot of experience in the Sambo. An interesting collision of different styles! The clip is taken from the archives of RussianWomanWrestling.
    The third battle it's interesting participants and costumes. Today, Lina is fighting against equally beautiful and sexy Candy. Both girls met in a catfight with slaps, spanks and hairpulling. But most importantly, they are dressed in very sexy and bright leotard swimsuits. The combination of beauty and fury will surely appeal to you!
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Vlada vs Rada. MMA-Style Fight.
(1280x720; Mp4; 727 Mb; 19.29 min.)
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    Three-round fight according to the simplified rules of the MMA (must not beat it in the head). Two newcomers of the Castle, Vlada (in Blue) and Rada (in Red) have come together in this battle. Vlada looks more powerful, but Rada more mobile. For each capitulation from a painful or suffocating hold, the winner receives one point. Who will score more points will be the winner of this match. But who exactly, Vlada or Rada?
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Epics of the Wrestling Castle II
(1280x720; Mp4; 3 files (730Mb, 19.38 min; 645Mb, 17.32 min; 850Mb, 23.13 min))
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     The new edition of "Epic of Wrestling Castle" contains three videos, like the previous one. Two new matches and one - "from the cellars."
    The first battle is Anarchy vs Candy. Catfight/wrestling match, where there were throws, grabs, strangulation, head and body scissors, slaps, hairpulling. Three rounds of five minutes of a dynamic and interesting fight.
    The second battle - archive video. Dallas vs Morgana. Two bouts of three rounds. In the first match, girl need to pin the rival to the mat, in the second - to force to surrender. This was Dallas' debut in this kind of fight.
    The third battle. Five mini-fights on unusual rules for us. Lilu vs Sesile.
1.Legwrestling (To win, rival's legs need to be pressed to the her chest)
2.Light Sumo (To win, must completely push out the opponent from the area)
3.Chest to chest (Girls pushed chests and should push out one's own their rival)
4.Butt to Butt (Girls pushed butts and should push out one's own their rival)
5.Hands and knees butt to butt (Girls pushed butts, on knees and hands, and should push out one's own their rival)
    We think you will like our classics and new trends!
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   Epics of the Wrestling Castle I
(1280x720; Mp4; Total time: 50.28 min;
3 files (722 Mb, 417 Mb,718 Mb) )
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    We have a new format for selling video from the castle. Now it will be collections of several clips called "Epics of the Wrestling Castle". There will be modern shooting, as well as something from the "cellars of the Castle." We hope, You will like it. In the first such Epic three videos.
     The first match - Anasthesia versus Candy. The girls met more than once and every time it was a tough uncompromising wrestle. This fight is no exception. And their costumes make it more erotic!
     The second fight - Dallas versus Lilu. Relatively old battle, some of the viewers have already seen it. But it continues to be interesting, and the costumes of the girls are very unusual.
     The third battle is again modern. Anarchy against Lina. Despite the fact that Anarchy is bigger and more experienced, this fight was not an easy walk. In this wrestling match with elements of the catfight (slapping, hairpulling), there were many interesting poses and movements. We think all three matches will please the audience.
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   Anasthesia vs Scarlett
(1280x720; Mp4; 638 Mb; 16.54 min)
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    Competitive wrestling match in WrestlingCastle The debutante Scarlett vs then little-experienced Anasthesia. An uncompromising competitive match on Wrestlingcastle.com
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   Real Competitive Wrestling Tournament. All 5 matches.
(1280x720; Mp4; Total time: 68.04 min;
5 files (433 Mb, 501 Mb, 515 Mb, 556 Mb, 513 Mb) )
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    This is the tournament a real competitive wrestling. The tournament involved four girls (Lina, Agava, Runa and Elisa). The tournament consists of two semi-finals, two final matches and Tag-team match 2x2. Under the rules, every fight is limited to a certain time. Girls need to put his opponent on the shoulder or to compel surrender. For each such action is awarded points.
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   Gotika vs Elga catfight/wrestling match
(1280x720; mp4; 732 Mb; 19.34 min)
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   Anarchy vs Anasthesia MMA-style fight (12/16)
(1280x720; mp4; 781 Mb; 20.52 min)
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   Anasthesia vs Candy (07/16)
(1280x720; mp4; 731 Mb; 19.32 min)
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   Viper vs Lina (07/16)
(1280x720; mp4; 706 Mb; 18.52 min)
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   Gotika vs Anasthesia & Candy (08/16)
(1280x720; mp4; 743 Mb; 19.48 min)
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   Anarchy vs Anasthesia(Nata) (07/16)
(1280x720; mp4; 723 Mb; 19.18 min)
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   Lina vs Anasthesia(Nata) (07/16)
(1280x720; mp4; 716 Mb; 19.11 min)
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   Lilu vs DevilGirl in oil
(1280x720; mp4; 606 Mb; 16.12 min)
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