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Iren Gavr vs Lene. Female Wrestling. Pins&Scissors (C027)

(1280x720; Mp4; 992 Mb; 27.27 min.)

    Two debutants of the Castle met in the ring. Iren Gavr (Weight 55 kg/121,3 lbs; Length 165 cm./5'5") vs Lene (Weight 50 kg/110,2 lbs; Length 160 cm./5'3") . Perhaps they do not have much experience, but there is a desire to win and to please spectators. This match consists of armwrestling fight (on the right and left hands) and three rounds of wrestling. Each wrestling round is 7 minutes. To win, the girl must pin up her rival to 3 counts or force her rival to surrender. For each such action, the winner receives one point. Who will score more points will win the match.