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Epics of Wrestling Castle III

(1280x720; Mp4; 3 files (544Mb, 13.33 min.; 605Mb, 15.05 min.; 635Mb, 15.50 min.))

    Before you, the third release of the Epics of the Fighting Castle. It is no less interesting than the previous issues. We tried to fill it various battles.
    This edition starts with a battle between Elga and Lina. Perhaps some of you have already seen it. In it, the girls wrestle aggressively, using hairpulling, slaps and spanks. And tear on each other's clothes!
    In the second battle, the participant of a lot of fights Lilu and the girl under the name of Rocky agreed. A newcomer to the castle, but with a lot of experience in the Sambo. An interesting collision of different styles! The clip is taken from the archives of RussianWomanWrestling.
    The third battle it's interesting participants and costumes. Today, Lina is fighting against equally beautiful and sexy Candy. Both girls met in a catfight with slaps, spanks and hairpulling. But most importantly, they are dressed in very sexy and bright leotard swimsuits. The combination of beauty and fury will surely appeal to you!