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Epics of the Wrestling Castle I

(1280x720; Mp4; Total time: 50.28 min;
3 files (722 Mb, 417 Mb,718 Mb) )

    We have a new format for selling video from the castle. Now it will be collections of several clips called "Epics of the Wrestling Castle". There will be modern shooting, as well as something from the "cellars of the Castle." We hope, You will like it. In the first such Epic three videos.
     The first match - Anasthesia versus Candy. The girls met more than once and every time it was a tough uncompromising wrestle. This fight is no exception. And their costumes make it more erotic!
     The second fight - Dallas versus Lilu. Relatively old battle, some of the viewers have already seen it. But it continues to be interesting, and the costumes of the girls are very unusual.
     The third battle is again modern. Anarchy against Lina. Despite the fact that Anarchy is bigger and more experienced, this fight was not an easy walk. In this wrestling match with elements of the catfight (slapping, hairpulling), there were many interesting poses and movements. We think all three matches will please the audience.