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Epics of the Wrestling Castle II

(1280x720; Mp4; 3 files (730Mb, 19.38 min; 645Mb, 17.32 min; 850Mb, 23.13 min))

     The new edition of "Epic of Wrestling Castle" contains three videos, like the previous one. Two new matches and one - "from the cellars."
    The first battle is Anarchy vs Candy. Catfight/wrestling match, where there were throws, grabs, strangulation, head and body scissors, slaps, hairpulling. Three rounds of five minutes of a dynamic and interesting fight.
    The second battle - archive video. Dallas vs Morgana. Two bouts of three rounds. In the first match, girl need to pin the rival to the mat, in the second - to force to surrender. This was Dallas' debut in this kind of fight.
    The third battle. Five mini-fights on unusual rules for us. Lilu vs Sesile.
1.Legwrestling (To win, rival's legs need to be pressed to the her chest)
2.Light Sumo (To win, must completely push out the opponent from the area)
3.Chest to chest (Girls pushed chests and should push out one's own their rival)
4.Butt to Butt (Girls pushed butts and should push out one's own their rival)
5.Hands and knees butt to butt (Girls pushed butts, on knees and hands, and should push out one's own their rival)
    We think you will like our classics and new trends!