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Elga vs Diana. Female Boxing/Wrestling Fight. (C032)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1,69Gb; 48.44 min.)

    Battle from the archives of the Wrestlingcastle. Experienced fighter Elga against a fitness model Diana. Long fight, consisting of five rounds. The duration of each round was different, from 6 to 11 minutes, and was determined before each round. To win, the girls need to force her rival to surrender, for this one point was awarded. Who scored more points, became the winner of the battle. In the beginning, the girls were wearing gloves, but in the end they got rid of them. Diana lost her bra in the first round and continued to fight topless, but that didn't bother her at all. But did she manage to embarrass Elga? You can find out having seen this fight of two beautiful ladies.