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Gotika vs Asgerda. Female Submission (Grappling) Wrestling Fight. C034

(1280x720; Mp4; 905 Mb; 25.02 min.)

    Female wrestling grappling match between Gotika and Asgerda. Gotika (175 cm/5'9" / 60 kg/130,1 lbs) has a lot of experience in such fights, she is engaged in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But and Asgerda (168 cm/5'6" / 61 kg/134,5 lbs) is not new to the wrestling. She became a champion in various tournaments in Judo, Sambo and Sumo. According to the rules, the match lasts 20 minutes of pure time. For each surrender of the rival the winner gets one point. Whoever scores the most points will be the winner of the match!