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Anarchy vs Asgerda. Female Competitive Wrestling Fight (C037)

(C037) (Mp4; 21.30 min.; 1280x720, 776 Mb; 1920x1080, 1,77 Gb)

    Asgerda - champion in sambo and freestyle wrestling, challenged Anarchy - champion in freestyle wrestling. Both girls are approximately equal in height and weight (Anarchy is slightly taller and heavier).In this match there will be 3 rounds, 5 minutes each. For the win the girl must forced to surrender her rival or pin her until 10 counts. For each such an action - one point. Who has more points, that will be the winner of the match. An interesting and dramatic duel that will appeal to many viewers.
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Anarchy vs Lilu. Female Competitive Wrestling Fight (C036)

(1280x720; Mp4; 749 Mb; 20.43 min.)

    Anarchy and Lilu met in a competitive wrestling match in the Castle's ring. In this match there will be 3 rounds, 5 minutes each. For the win the girl must forced to surrender her rival. For each surrender - one point. Who has more points, that will be the winner of the match. A dynamic and interesting duel in which the initiative often passed from one wrestler to another. And no one wanted to lose!
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Anasthesia vs Candy. Female Submission Wrestling Fight. C035

(1280x720; Mp4; 703 Mb; 19.28 min.)

    In this battle, a larger and heavier Candy and a small but aggressive Anasthesia met. The fight consisted of three rounds, five minutes each. To win, the girls had to force their rival to surrender. For each such surrender, the winner received one point. Who scored more points, she becomes the winner of the battle! The girls used a lot of body and head scissors, chokes, kinks of the arms and legs. And as a result, the victory went to more worthy!
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Gotika vs Asgerda. Female Submission (Grappling) Wrestling Fight. C034

(1280x720; Mp4; 905 Mb; 25.02 min.)

    Female wrestling grappling match between Gotika and Asgerda. Gotika (175 cm/5'9" / 60 kg/130,1 lbs) has a lot of experience in such fights, she is engaged in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But and Asgerda (168 cm/5'6" / 61 kg/134,5 lbs) is not new to the wrestling. She became a champion in various tournaments in Judo, Sambo and Sumo. According to the rules, the match lasts 20 minutes of pure time. For each surrender of the rival the winner gets one point. Whoever scores the most points will be the winner of the match!
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Viper vs Nikita. Female MMA-Style Wrestling Match (C033)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.06 Gb; 30.07 min.)

    The Viper (in a red sexy one-piece swimsuit) and Nikita (in a blue sexy one-piece swimsuit) entered the ring to fight in a duel, where, in addition to the wrestling punches to the body are allowed. This match consists of five rounds. Each round lasts five minutes. To win, need to force the rival to surrender or knock out her. For each surrender the winner gets a point. The girl who will score more points will be the winner of the match. Half an hour of beautiful bodies and poses, in which the girls got up in the process of the battle, half an hour of emotions and experiences. But winner is only one!
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